It is exciting but also overwhelming to move to a new city! If you are on the fence about moving to Winnipeg from Toronto, there are many enticing reasons for you to do so! The cost of living is lower, and hat can give you some wiggle room in you budget. If you love culture and the arts, there is plenty to see in this area. Most people agree, this move is a great choice, and one they have never regretted.

The cost of living is about 26.5% lower than living in Toronto, and that can save you plenty of money. Your cost for housing, food, and other necessities is less. If your budget is thin right now, this can give you some additional space with it. If you want to save money to buy a home instead of renting, this option can help that dream become reality.

It costs about $2,000 a month to rent a one-bedroom apartment in Toronto. You can get a similar place in Winnipeg for only $900 a month! For many, this is one of the top reasons why they move to Winnipeg from Toronto. They want to spend less on housing but still have the space they need. For those struggling to pay the higher rent each month, paying less is a weight off their shoulders.

The amazing culture and arts found in Winnipeg will blow you away! Pictures of it don’t do justice or give you the full effect. There are plenty of places where you can view it including museums and galleries. There is contemporary artwork and that from Indigenous ancestors of the area. Throughout the year, Winnipeg hosts a variety of festivals and cultural events. One of the most popular is the Winnipeg Fringe Festival.

A historic site to check out here is called The Forks, and it is where you can learn about the movement of human rights in Canada. This is a popular area for shopping, dining, the theatre, live music, and the busy nightlife. If you are creative, you will feel that vibe as you explore Winnipeg. The diversity within the population here is both inviting and appreciated.

As you evaluate the neighbourhoods throughout Winnipeg, you will notice they each have different characteristics that make them unique. In The Exchange District, you will find the majority of boutiques and art galleries. In the middle of Winnipeg is Osborne Village, and that is a fun place to go at night for music and clubs. Many of the other neighbourhoods are quiet and attractive, giving you a safe and comfortable place to call home!

If you enjoy outdoor recreational activities, you will love the variety of them offered in Winnipeg. Birds Hill Provincial Park is one of many places where you can explore on the trails and take in the beautiful surroundings. Families tend to visit Assiniboine Park Zoo frequently due to the many exhibits there. In the winter months, The Forks is perfect for ice skating. During the summer, the kids love to stay cool in the splash pad.

The lifestyle in Toronto is fast paced, and many appreciate moving to Winnipeg where it is slower and quieter. There is less traffic and you won’t have to deal with lengthy commuting each day. It is a good place to raise a family with wonderful schools and lots of activities to pick from. These are just a few of the reasons why people make the move from Toronto to Winnipeg. While moving is a chore, it is worth it!