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Moving to Winnipeg from Calgary is a much understanding relocation. Nevertheless, moving to a new city, a bigger one, always comes with more expectations. Moving from Calgary to Winnipeg means some items will become inaccessible. It is only significant for an individual to have sufficient information that helps them to be in a better position.

Living In Winnipeg

Relocation to Winnipeg can make an individual experience more sightseeing. In addition, a new city comes with solutions you may have longed for before. More importantly, you should know that there are always unanticipated obligations in every new city. Either way, let us check what you get to gain in Winnipeg.

Firstly, you should expect an initial service charge when you move into Winnipeg. Also, everyday bills include internet, utility, hydro, and more. As a result, you should plan for a reliable lift that can help you navigate around and settle too.

Winnipeg is the largest city in the Canadian Prairies. It is becoming a common destination for newcomers. Their hospitality and friendliness are the top reasons many people prefer it.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, ranks as one of the top cities for new immigrants. Due to its economic capability, the city is rich in regional and cultural advantages.

Living In Calgary

Calgary is a prosperous and diverse city in Alberta. It is between the Rocky Mountains. The typical weather is sunshine. It is known for open spaces, fresh air, pathways and parks, rivers, and mountains. Calgary is the third-largest city in Canada.

With more than 200 ethnic groups, the city only comes behind Vancouver and Toronto. The inhabitants are of European source. Also, people love Calgary because of its vital agriculture, oil and gas industries, and low tax rate. Much more, their lifestyle is encouraging.

As of 2021, the population of Calgary was estimated to be around 1.5 million. More so, the immigrants are more than 400,000. It is expanding in people because of the rapid economy. The major industries are:

– High-tech manufacturing
– Oil and gas
– Life sciences
– Financial services
– Tourism
– Transportation and logistics

Comparing Winnipeg And Calgary

Winnipeg and Calgary are great cities for immigrants. They are top places because they have similar entertainment levels. However, their similarities are not so striking. They are one hour ahead of Calgary.

Moving To Winnipeg From Calgary

There are essential steps to consider before moving to Winnipeg. They include:

– Register for the Manitoba Health Card
– Ensure your Driver’s license is set
– Change your addresses officially

Manitoba’s capital Winnipeg houses more than three-quarters of the population. Also, it is the home to different companies like Bristol Aerospace and Boeing – a great source of employment.

Cost Of Living

The cost of living in Winnipeg is roughly around $5,361.81 per month to maintain the same kind of life for about $6,100 in Calgary. It is essential to know that living costs include rent and income tax.

Let us check further figures:

For Calgary

a. A meal is $21
b. A meal for two people is $82.50 in a nice restaurant
c. A meal at McDonald’s is $10.99
d. Domestic beer is $7 at venues
e. Water is $1.98 Canada Dollars

For Winnipeg

a. A meal is $17.50
b. A meal for two people is $75 in a nice restaurant
c. A meal at McDonald’s is $11.09
d. Domestic beer is $6 at venues
e. Water is $2.07

Crime Rate

Let us examine the crime rate of both cities. The crime index’s system for the amount of crime compared to other Canadian cities, and the safety rating is how safe residents feel. The Crime index in Calgary is 36.75, while Winnipeg records 59.69. On the other hand, the safety rating is 63.25 in Calgary, while in Winnipeg, it is about 40.31.

For Calgary

Using’s statistics again, crime has intensely increased in the last three years. The level of crime in Calgary is 38.73%. There is a heightened level of people who abuse substances and have become addicted – 73.79%. The safety level of walking alone during the day in Calgary is 83.63.
NB: It is essential to know that this data is based on a small number of pollers.

For Winnipeg

The level of crime in Winnipeg is 70.84%. The last three years have worsened over the previous three years. Compared with Calgary, the new rate for three years is 74.04%. Regarding substance abuse, Winnipeg has more people involved than Calgary – their rate is 73.79%.

Winnipeg does not stand well amongst other cities when it pertains to crime. It ranks the highest among other cities like Sydney, New York, Calgary, and Prague. Nevertheless, when it comes to walking during the day, Winnipeg residents have less confidence in safety versus Calgary. It remains a discouraging reason to move to Winnipeg.

Type Of Employment

Undoubtedly, many immigrants prefer Winnipeg to other cities in Manitoba. The reason is that it has an excellent level of employment for people seeking opportunities in careers and jobs. A prediction has it that, between 2021 to 2025, there will be over 141,700 employment openings.

Unfortunately, only 112,100 of the workers have joined the labour thus far. This makes more job openings available for new people coming into the city.

The economic outlook states, “Transportation and warehousing, forestry, mining, fishing, oil and gas, quarrying, mining, social assistance, and healthcare are anticipated to be the fastest-growing industries during this period.

Calgary does not have the same positive side of employment. Its economic outlook is not as presentable as Winnipeg’s. Little wonder, people love to move from Calgary to Winnipeg.

This article is a perfect guide for people considering relocating. It focuses on different sectors and what you can expect from them. The goal is simple – it is to make your relocation an easy task.


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