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Moving to Winnipeg.


kyle bazyloMy name is Kyle Bazylo, a REALTOR© in Winnipeg Manitoba. I created this site to help give as much information as possible to those thinking about moving to Winnipeg. After spending hundreds of hours writing and creating this website, I consider myself a relocation expert.

This site was created to help people learn more about Winnipeg before moving here. ukraine flag

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Moving To Winnipeg: The Breakdown

Over the past few years, people have been flocking to Winnipeg for various reasons. Sometimes by choice, other times not. Whether the move is due to war, terrible living conditions, a job, family, or simply for the lower cost of living, most people don’t know what they are walking into. Many individuals are coming from a higher cost-of-living area, sold their homes, and now have an abundance of wealth. In contrast, other individuals come to Winnipeg with absolutely nothing and start from scratch.

This guide was created to give people a general idea of what life is like in Winnipeg and what to expect when they get here. This site almost needed to be two sites in one. One for people moving from within North America who have an idea of what life is like here, and one for those from another country who will be pretty surprised by their new way of living. Our goal is to constantly update the site with new articles that reach all audiences.

We have broken down both moving to and living in Winnipeg into five core elements.


The first step in immigration or relocating is coming up with a plan. Whether you are coming from within Canada, or another country, there is a lot of groundwork that needs to be done.

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After a plan is made, immigration is the next step for those moving from outside of Canada.  Canada has announced a plan to welcome 500,000 immigrants per year in the near future.


Another piece of the puzzle is finding a job and career when you move to Winnipeg. Winnipeg has several in demand jobs; with a planned approach and proper résumé, there are many options for all new Manitobans.


What is life like in Winnipeg? Cost of living, the weather, transportation, where to live… we’ve tried to cover every aspect possible on what life is like in Winnipeg.  There will always be more info on the way!


Many come to Winnipeg specifically for education, while for others it’s an after-thought. There are a few different choices of schools when someone is looking for post-secondary education.

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