Selling a home is necessary when moving into a new place. You must be sure that all your travel documents are set and ready to move into the new location. You may need to work around a checklist to carry out every required activity before you are set to move.

Before moving into the new location, you must sell your previous home. This article focuses on a vital part of relocation; selling your home. There are several questions that one may have about this. They include:

a. What is the value of my home?
b. Do I need a realtor or can I handle it myself?
c. Am I selling the building alone or with things in it?
d. What are the necessary documents?
e. How can I find the best realtor for me?

How to sell your home fast

The only secret to selling your property fast is to expose it to your target audience – only qualified buyers. However, you must have determined the price of the property. How important is price determination?

  1. It helps to have a definite price for your property to attract interested buyers
  2. It helps to know the market value of the home
  3. It helps to decide if it is economical to upgrade the house before the sale or not
  4. A good market value will attract corresponding and competing offers
  5. A reasonable price encourages realtor enthusiasts to present your property to buyers

What is the effect of Overpricing?

Many home sellers have a misconception that they want to value their properties at a high price and attempt to lower them afterward. This idea is inappropriate because the home is often exposed to too little activity. The market value may come down later, but several potential buyers may have been discouraged.

checkAdvantages of early activity

The most crucial time when selling your home is the first market reaction when you put it for sale. A new home will have different activities that have price negotiation as its core. This time is the ideal time to sell as there are fewer interested buyers as time goes on.

check Critical Processes to sell your home fast

– Ready your documents

The most fundamental part of selling your home is to have all documents ready. More so, you should check their validity to know if there is a need to update them. If you are selling your property in Winnipeg, here are the documents that you would need if working with a realtor:

a. Plan of Survey of Location Certificate
b. Property Tax Receipts
c. Title or Deed Search
d. Mortgage Verification
e. Other Documents

On the other hand, the documents you need if you are selling without a realtor include the following if you can:

  1. Original sale contract
  2. Homeowners insurance records
  3. Mortgage statement (payoff amount)
  4. Homeowners association documents
  5.  Receipts for capital improvements
  6. Home repair and maintenance records
  7. Warranties and manuals
  8. Past utility bills
  9. Listing Agreement
  10. Purchase offer and counteroffer forms
  11. Sale and purchase agreement
  12. Contingency removal form
  13. Home appraisal report
  14. Home inspection report
  15. Settlement statement
  16. Property tax statement
  17. Affidavit of Title
  18. Deed

– Have a marketing plan

Selling a property does not work like selling another commodity. A home is a significant asset, and you need a lot of processes. The process will be your marketing plan.
Your home marketing plan must be organized. You may need the help of a professional for this. They will help with a personal plan with a series of activities to sell your property. It could be via online or traditional advertising, marketing materials, or networking between agents and realtors.

– The Need for a realtor or lawyer

Using a realtor is synonymous with getting a professional’s help to handle property sales. Even if you sell your house yourself, have a realtor who works for you for free. You will need their services to avoid a significant loss of funds.

You can get a lawyer to verify documents. There are well-trained lawyers for this purpose, and you can follow their advice. However, the commission of a lawyer may be higher than that of a realtor. Weigh options clearly but choose one at the end of the day.

– Staging your home

Staging your home is critical to its marketing. The idea is to present the house in an improved version. Generally, staging helps to:

i. Ease movement within the property
ii. Provide a relatable space for interested buyers
iii. Lower objections from the buyer
iv. Increase the market value of your home
v. Improve the look and make it more marketable

Checklist for selling your home

Now, let us examine the checklist for selling your home. This guide has timelines that see you through the moving process. You can dedicate two weeks to each timeline.

Timeline One

– Preparing to move

You can begin your timing from the point of reading this article. To avoid a rush, you should start the entire process early. It is proper that you dedicate about two months to it.

– Budget

Moving is not a cheap task; you should create a budget. Transportation takes a bigger part of the cost. You may have to decide between outsourcing your moving or carrying it yourself. Your options include the following:

a. Full-service movers – $2,300 to $7,000
b. Partial-service movers – they charge $50 per hour.
c. Movable freight containers – All you need is a container to move locally across a long distance. A container is about $100.
d. Do it yourself. It would help if you estimated the cost. However, the highest cost here is time. You may need a lot of it.

Timeline Two

– Clean the current space

You can hire professional cleaners or get friends and families to join you. The average rate is $25 to $100 per hour. Some of the cleaners are organizers. You can get them to help with the arrangement while you reward them with tips.

– Get packing supplies

Get cardboard boxes, box cutters, packing tape, bubble wrap, and black markers. Get bigger and smaller ones to declutter your major spaces and make the home presentable.

– Move the arranged items

You can get temporary housing to move your items. However, you can use your garage or basement if you have one. The idea is that you want those interested in feeling welcome as they examine the space.

Timeline Three

– Hire a Realtor

It would be best if you got a realtor at this point. You must wait until this point because your realtor can get a desperate buyer to buy and move in. Your realtor will examine your home and give you its market value.

You should hire a professional and discuss their terms. Considering more than one option is good; it helps to compare prices.

– Get your documents ready

You can ask your realtors for all the documents you need at this stage. There is a list above that highlights all of the documents. Get them ready to avoid delays after a person is prepared to buy.

Timeline Four

– Negotiation begins

You do not have to be in the middle of this phase if you are using a realtor. Negotiation takes time and a lot of back-and-forths.

Nevertheless, you can take a break from work during these two months to fully commit to it.

Finding and using the best realtor for me

Here are tips on how to hire a good realtor for your property. You must find a person you can trust.

  1. Choose an agent with the most listings
  2. Ask friends and families for referral
  3. You can speak with previous agents to connect
  4. Hire a fully licensed agent
  5. Ensure you know the physical location of the agents
  6. Use reliable sites to check for trusted agents

The entire process of selling your home can be tactical, technical, and even financially challenging. Googling the best realtor may lead to more harm than good. Instead, follow the instructions above, and you will be in safe hands.


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