toronto to winnipeg

Have you been recently intrigued by the potential in Canada and looking to move there? If the answer is yes, follow closely, as this article is all you need.

Naturally, when considering a big move, or even a visit, you always want to factor in how much it will cost to live there and if it is affordable for your budget. Here is a perfect examination of two top cities drawing in new residents and attracting tourists globally!

You may ask, ‘How can I afford the Cost of living in a metropolitan city? And, where affordability is concerned, what makes one city better than the other?’


This content aims to explain those costs so that you can be an educated traveller whenever you finally decide to move. More so, it is to help you make a better choice if you are considering relocating.

Cost Of Living

Here are some of the statistics from Numbeo:

For Fast Food

Winnipeg: Cost of hamburger meal (McDonald’s): $11.00
Toronto: Cost of hamburger meal (McDonald’s): $12.00C
The difference is higher in Toronto, by $1 more than in Winnipeg. As a result, Winnipeg is more affordable for eating average fast-food meals.

For Common Grocery Items

Winnipeg: Cost of a gallon of milk: 7.92C$. Cost of a loaf of bread: 2.33C$
Toronto: Cost of a gallon of milk: 11.00C$. Cost of a loaf of bread: 2.88C$

In this, the Cost of milk is much higher, double in price in Toronto compared to Winnipeg, but the Cost of bread is comparable.

For The Cost Of Utilities

Winnipeg: Cost of utilities: $184.38C
Toronto: Cost of utilities: $148.06

Winnipeg is more expensive than Toronto for basic electricity, heating, cooling, water, and garbage services.

Winnipeg And Toronto Crime Rates

Security and safety is another top consideration when choosing a place of relocation. The last thing one wants to worry about is if they’ll be safe in their new community.

Which city is safer for setting up a home?

A study in 2020 found that Winnipeg had 4.93 homicides per capita in Winnipeg compared to 1.62 in Toronto. Winnipeg doubled the homicide rate of Toronto not until 2022; Toronto had spiked a murder rate of 105 compared to Winnipeg’s 41 homicides.

Based on the news, reports, and statistics from the police departments in both Metropolises, it is easy to see why both are considered dangerous as they continue to make the top ten most risky places to live. However, each rate fluctuates between being the top contender at different times.

Taking a deeper look at the types of violent crimes, it is evident that residents of Toronto experience a large percentage of homicides committed via shooting – 73%. Stabbings in Toronto is about 15%, and the other category is about 11%. On the other hand, Winnipeg has a 60% ratio of homicides committed via shooting.

Winnipeg And Toronto Entertainment

Toronto and Winnipeg are both great choices for entertainment. The attractions and amenities are sightseeing and astonishing. Winnipeg and Toronto each have to offer:


Toronto Islands is the best natural wonder in Toronto. You can enjoy the architecture of 1920s cottages and English gardens. It is a serene way to get away from work and relish the beauty of Toronto’s green and lush islands.

You can also explore St. Lawrence Market to enjoy Toronto’s historic marketplace. Other top places to visit and explore include the Distillery District, incredible Gothic architecture, and checking out Toronto’s finest restaurants and breweries.


In Winnipeg, they have the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. This museum is the first of its kind. It was established in 1967 to commemorate the many steps taken to ensure rights are established and upheld for people worldwide. Winnipeg boasts the Assiniboine Park and the Assiniboine Zoo Park, where you can enjoy a stroll through beautiful and elaborate English gardens. You can complete your day with a visit to the duck pond and Sculpture Exhibit. You will love seeing animals like polar bears frolicking in the above-head swimming pool.

Both cities are perfect spots for entertainment.  However, the sure size of Toronto means there will be several more entertainment options than Winnipeg. All of Winnipeg’s entertainment will be within a 20minute drive at most, where as Toronto’s may be 1-2 hours away.


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