Relocation requires a lot of movement because anyone would not mind having all of their previous properties in their new space. For intra-movement, individuals go as far as hiring movers to get all their past luggage – everyone wants it all. Moving into another country or province might be more tasking.

This article aims to make the process easy for you. It compiles a step-by-step process that sees you through, from scheduling to settling in your new place. Keep reading this guide to know what to do per week as we plan your relocation for you.

Let the countdown begin. The Breakdown of Each Week

checkWeek Eight

It would help if you only began the relocation movement because your papers are signed. The first thing to think about is the logistics of the move. Here is a list of what to do;
a. Do plenty of research about moving companies that will help you move to the new location. You may need to ask friends and family about reliable recommendations.
b. Knowing your rights and terms is vital before working with a moving company.
c. Confirm if there are insurance privileges that can cover your relocation process. Consult your prospective moving company to know more about this. Also, it would help you read their company’s policy to understand this coverage fully.
d. If moving into a new location, do enough research about their banking system, healthcare services, employment and taxing rate, budgeting, and other means of survival. You can check out our other content in these areas.

checkWeek Seven

Week seven is not different from week eight as you are to continue with research. At this stage, you should be concerned about your possible expenses. Everyone would agree that everything about relocation involves money. Well, below is your list for week seven:

a. Ask your moving company for an inventory. It is advisable that you have more than one company to compare their quotes and opt for the more appealing choice.
b. You can create paperwork for each of the companies. Have them in a folder. Doing this helps to make healthy choices.
c. Finally, create a folder for all the items you have to move to your new place.

checkWeek Six

At this stage, you should get to activities. Try to decide what you plan to move around or otherwise. You will need to check your storage areas, basements, and closets to ensure nothing important is behind. After you have curated this list, you should consider non-essential ones for decorations, holiday, and craft supplies.

– Begin to pack by separating fitting wears and isolating the ones you plan to give out. It would help if you had them arranged and labelled in separate bags.

– You do not have to donate every item. Look for out for marketable ones and sell them online. Doing this will provide you with additional income for your relocation.

– Also, pack items that are seldom used and store them in the basement.

– If you have children, begin the process at your children’s school about the transfer. You will also need to enroll and find a new school close to your new accommodations.

checkWeek Five

Another big step is to let close friends and family know about your next big plan. Hence, they can come around to pick some things that you may not need in the place. Other details about this week include:

– Do not buy many groceries at this stage. Try to manage the food in your refrigerator at this stage.

– You should send a broadcast message to friends and relatives about your relocation.

– Get supplies like packing material, boxes, labels, tape, mattress bags, dish boxes, wardrobe boxes, and box cutters. You can ask your mover if they supply any of these items before you get them all.

– Create a schedule for room-by-room packing and begin the process.

checkWeek Four

It is four weeks to move out; it is becoming more real. At this stage, you should check out your documents to see if they are all up-to-date. Here are things to do this month:

– Get the change-of-address form to take effect when you are in the new place

– Ensure your relevant business accounts have the new address

– Take more time off work during this period if possible

– Again, contact your mover and confirm the necessary details

checkWeek Three

It is time to dot your Is and cross your Ts. Ensure you have resolved every essential thing like post office, bank, and valuables. Cancel automatically renewed home subscription and:

– Pack special items like paperwork, family heirlooms, and jewelry. You should keep these items close to you while relocating. You can bank on a trackable shipping service; only choose one with insurance.

– You should take pictures of everything for evidence’s sake

checkWeek Two

It would help if you doubled check everything from week eight to week three. There cannot be any slip-ups at this stage. More so, you need to:

  1. Pack the rest of your belongings except a few things you need until it is time to travel.
  2. Do more research about the situation of the new place you are moving into.
  3. Your moving insurance must be ready at this stage.
  4. Gather enough information that the new owners of your space may need to reach you. In this case, your mail is always an ideal choice.
  5. Begin to disconnect big appliances like the freezer and gas lines.
  6. Ensure everyone has packed their medications because they may find it hard to get into the new location. Also, there may be an emergent need for them; you do not want to be without them.
  7. Withdraw the currency for the new place you are moving into. The Canadian dollar is the currency in Winnipeg. You only need to exchange if you come from another country to Winnipeg.

checkWeek one

The D-week is here. Of course, this is the moment you have been preparing for. It would help if you tied up all loose ends. They can include:

– Turn off utilities in your current space before you move out.

– You should dispose of items like chemicals, paint, and aerosol cans.

– Back up necessary data before you pack your computer.

– Hire a cleaner to clean your current place or spend some time tidying up for the new owners. It may also be a great idea to set up a cleaner at your new home or expect to spend some time cleaning.

– You can have a going away party with friends. It does not have to be in your place; create enough memories before setting sail.

Relocation can be difficult if one does not prepare accordingly. Also, it would help if you had enough time because rushing and leaving everything until the last minute usually doesn’t end. You can follow this two-month guide to be on top of your game.


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