Manitoba Expression of Interest (EOI)

Rankings for Skilled Worker and International Education Streams

Expression of Interest is referred to as EOI. Completing this to express an interest in skilled work or educational programs is required for anyone trying to immigrate to Manitoba under the MPNP (Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program).

This isn’t an application, but many people mistake it for one. Instead, EOI is an online profile. Anyone wishing to be involved in the program has to create an account, log in, and answer the questions. Once the answers are provided, an EOI Ranking Points report will be generated. If you are among the eligible candidates to migrate to Manitoba, you will be entered into that pool once you complete the EOI.

For those with a high EOI Ranking Score, the MPNP will be in contact. They will ask those individuals to complete a full application. They will be given a higher priority because of how well they scored on the questionnaire.

Steps To Submitting An EOI

Take some time to read through the guidelines for eligibility as established with MPNP. Understanding the process as you complete your application and wait for replies is essential. Specific requirements you may have to agree to include taking a language test. Such requirements can be mandated before you can submit your EOI for review.

The first step is to create an account through the MPNP Online portal. Sign into your account and find the selection that says Create an Expression of Interest. Make sure you save a copy of the EOI Summary Report before you submit the EOI. You can have one active EOI valid for a year from the date it is submitted. If that year expires, you can complete a new one.

While all interested can submit an EOI, this doesn’t guarantee you will be contacted by MPNP or nominated to apply with them further. If any of your information on the EOI changes including contact details or residence, log in to your account and update the information. It is your responsibility to keep your information current in that system. Anyone found to provide information that is inaccurate or misleading can be banned from the EOI system for 2 years.

The number of candidates in the EOI system at any given time will vary. There is no deadline for applying and no cap on the number of applicants. Provide honest and accurate information so the system can determine if you are a good candidate for immigration programs through MPNP.

Understanding The Pool Of Candidates

After submitting your EOI, you are entered into the pool of candidates eligible for MPNP migration programs. Several forms of criteria and factors are used to score and rank each of the candidates. MPNP may contact those with the highest scores to complete additional application information.

Once you complete the EOI, you will get ranking points. The number of points is determined by the information you include in your profile. Provide complete and accurate information, so the points are correct. MPNP will invite only the highest-scoring candidates to complete a more extensive application with additional information. If you are invited to do so, complete that application as soon as possible. You will do so using the same login you already created. You will select Nomination Application.

MPNP can limit the number of people they request a nomination application from. They also have the right to exclude EOIs in occupations where there are many applicants but only a low number of jobs available in that sector. They won’t extend a nomination to any applicant if they feel there are significant barriers that would hinder employment for that person in Manitoba.

Factors Used For The EOI Ranking System

There are six factors used for the EOI ranking system. The points received in each category are combined to provide your total score. These factors include:

  • Language proficiency
  • Age
  • Work history and experience
  • Education
  • Adaptability
  • Risk assessment

1. Language Proficiency

CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) scores are given for reading, writing, listening, and speaking in language proficiency. This is equivalent to various test results, including TEF, TCF, CELPIP, and IELTS. MPNP considers your second language the one you are least proficient in between French and English.

If you have a valid language test to back up the claim, indicate you have (CBL) Canadian Language Benchmark 5 or higher in a second language. You will be asked to provide those test results as proof if you are extended a nomination application. If you complete an English test as your first language, you must provide a valid French test report to claim a second language on your EOI. It works the other way, too, if you claim French as your first language and English as your second language.

First Official Language
CLB 8 or higher25 per band
CLB 722 per band
CLB 620 per band
CLB 517 per band
CLB 4 or lower12 per band
CLB 3 or lower0
Second Official Language
CLB 5 or higher (overall)25
Maximum Points – Factor 1 125

2. Age

Part of your EOI score is based on your age when completing the application and submitting it to MPNP.

50 and older0
Maximum Points – Factor 2 75

3. Work History and Experience

Part of your EOI score is determined by the years you have been involved in full-time work. This is considered 30 hours or more each week for the same employer. If you are recognized by a licensing body working in a professional trade where a license is required in Manitoba, you will get an additional 100 points. You must complete all of the criteria to become licensed or certified in Manitoba so you can legally perform those skills there.

Less than one year0
One year40
Two years50
Three years60
Four years or more75
Fully recognized by provincial licensing body100
Maximum Points – Factor 3 175

4. Education

A recognized educational entity’s highest level of completed education earns you points. You must have received a degree, diploma, or certificate for a program at that institution to receive points.

Master’s degree or doctorate125
Two post-secondary programs of at least two years each115
One post-secondary program of three years or more110
One post-secondary program of two years100
One-year post-secondary program70
Trade certificate70
No formal post-secondary education0
Maximum Points – Factor 4125

5. Adaptability

Do you have any connections in Manitoba? Anyone applying with EOI must have a connection in this area. The more connections you have, the more points you gain in the adaptability section. You won’t receive regional development points if you have social or economic connections outside of the Manitoba Capital Region.

If a candidate plans to settle in an area outside Winnipeg, it should be disclosed on the application. To be eligible, they must show at least one connection to such a region, and it is likely to anticipate they can make an economic contribution in the long term.

Connection to Manitoba
Close relative in Manitoba200
Previous authorized work experience in Manitoba (six months or more)100
Completed post-secondary program in Manitoba (two years or more)100
Completed post-secondary program in Manitoba (one year)50
Close friend or distant relative in Manitoba50
Manitoba Demand
Ongoing employment in Manitoba for six months or more with long-term job offer from the same employer500
Invitation to Apply under a Strategic Initiative500
Regional Development*
Immigration destination in Manitoba outside of Winnipeg50
Maximum Points – Factor 5 500

* Candidates wanting to relocate outside of Winnipeg must prove they have a connection to the region outside of Winnipeg, showing they will be able to provide a long-term economic contribution.

6. Risk Assessment

Points can be deducted during the EOI for any potential risks. This includes connections in other parts of Canada. You won’t lose points if you have relatives living in other providences of Canada or if you have an immigration application in such a location. You must complete all of these questions to complete your EOI.

Make sure you answer yes on the assessment if you or your spouse have connections or applications in other Canadian provinces. Only select yes to answer about your destination if your previous application was for a Canadian province other than Manitoba.

Close relative in another province and no close relative in Manitoba0
Work experience in another province-100
Studies in another province-100
Previous immigration application to another province0
Maximum Points – Factor 6 -200

Letters Of Advice To Apply

Letters of Advice to Apply are known as LAA. This is the official invitation to complete a full application through MPNP. The highest-scoring applicants from the EOI pool will receive an LAA. Make sure you complete that nomination form entirely and quickly if you are selected.


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