Selecting the right college or university in Winnipeg, Manitoba is important. A student should focus on the path to successfully completing the requirements for the field they are passionate about. The programs offered, the cost, how long it will take to complete, and the format of the classes all have to be evaluated. There are pros and cons based on individual needs and factors. In short, there are two major players, the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg. The rest are a fraction in size of these two and are mostly made up of trade schools for the field you may be interested in.  Here are the four largest post-secondary schools in Winnipeg.

University Of Manitoba

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The University of Manitoba is located in Winnipeg. Approximately 31,000 students are enrolled. The university offers over 100 programs for students to select from. This includes both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. This is a public university and over 180,000 students have graduated from the University of Manitoba. It was established in 1877.

The university has a very solid reputation for the programs available. Students can take their learning and apply it to jobs in their field. Two of the areas where this university in Winnipeg, Manitoba excel beyond the others are research and education programs. Students interested in attending the University of Manitoba are encouraged to take a close look at the application process. Providing all required documents and submitting them on time is essential to be considered for any of the programs this university offers.

International students are encouraged to apply, but everyone must meet the English standards established by the school. Testing is conducted for those that don’t know English as their first language. Additional courses may be required to meet this English requirement before a student can enroll in other core courses.

The total cost and fees to attend depend on the program and the number of credits a student takes per semester. The total cost including fees is posted on their website to ensure those interested in attending the university understand the cost involved. The University of Manitoba is a top-ranked college, and investing in a degree program is a worthwhile experience!

University Of Winnipeg

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The University of Winnipeg is located in the city of Winnipeg. Approximately 10,000 students are currently enrolled. This school is widely-regarded for the unique programs it offers to students. The classes are small in size, ensuring students have plenty of one on one interaction with their instructors. The personalized feel of the classes is a huge part of why a high percentage of students complete their chosen program at this university.

The school encourages both students native to the area and International students to apply to their university. They feel the diverse nature of the student body allows everyone to learn from each other. The diverse backgrounds, cultures, languages, and interests are hard to match! The campus was established in 1967 and continues to be highly regarded.

Both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs are available through the University of Winnipeg. The application for admission to a program along with the required documents is easy to find on the school website. There are step-by-step instructions to complete the application and a checklist of required documents to submit along with it.

The English language requirements vary, based on the specific program a student desires to enroll in. The cost of tuition is based on total credit hours per semester and the program a student signs up for. The return on that investment is one students can be proud of. The majority of graduates from the University of Winnipeg have been very successful in their career path with good paying jobs.

Canadian Mennonite University

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The Canadian Mennonite University is a private school located in Manitoba, Canada. It was founded in 2000 and has approximately 900 enrolled students. The program offers a diverse number of options for both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. The campus offers plenty of activities and support for both students native to the area and International students. The university is very selective with instructors, ensuring they offer the highest level of teaching methods to educate students.

The application process to this university is in-depth and takes time to complete. If you would like to attend the Canadian Mennonite University, get the information early and start working on your application. Otherwise, the deadline will approach quickly while you are still gathering the required documents.

There is an English level requirement at this university. It is based on the level of program a student would like to enroll in. Master’s degree programs require a higher level of English proficiency than bachelor’s degree programs. The cost of attendance is significantly less than the previous two mentioned options. For students worried about paying for their education, this university can offer a lower-cost education without cutting corners on the quality of the learning experience.

Red River College Polytechnic

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Located in Winnipeg, Red River College Polytechnic has an enrollment of around 21,500. The school was founded in 1938 and today it offers over 200 different bachelor’s degree programs. It is the largest of the colleges and universities in Manitoba. The hands-on learning atmosphere and small class sizes make it a prime option for many students. It is highly regarded as the college to attend for research programs.

Students must meet the English requirement of a minimum testing score of 115 to be considered for enrollment. The application process includes all the required documents and the appropriate deadlines. This information is updated as needed on the college website. The cost of attendance for any of the bachelor’s programs is very reasonable when compared to similar colleges in the area.