Winnipeg is a major city in Canada; however, it is a fair bit smaller than the other big cities, such as Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. Even though Winnipeg’s transit system is not the greatest, it takes little time to get around the city, no matter where you live. Because of this, it gives students several options when looking for housing.

Housing Near The University Of Manitoba

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The University of Manitoba is, by far, Winnipeg’s largest school. The great thing about the University is that it’s located in the south, surrounded by numerous safe neighbourhoods. With housing near the University in high demand, prices are a little higher compared to other areas, however, because there are so many housing options around the area, plus easy access via transit bus, there are usually affordable options for all budgets.

Fort Richmond Neighbourhood

The University of Manitoba is in the Fort Richmond area. It’s an older area that is quite affordable. Several houses in the area have been converted to rentals or rent out a room or their basement. These different options give students affordable living within walking distance of the University. Whether renting or buying, there are options for both.

Because of the high demand, new high-rise condominiums and apartments are in the works to give students even more options. These areas are all close to buses, grocery stores and anything house one may need. The area is diverse, making it a top destination for students from other countries. The Chinese population is so high in this area that many storefronts have Mandarin signage.

St Vital Neighbourhood

St Vital is on the other side of the river and just a short distance away. The area is similar to Fort Richmond, but because it isn’t as close to the University, rent and housing will be more affordable. Again, with the area being famous for students, several buses will be heading towards the University daily.

Osbourne Village Neighbourhood

Osbourne Village is another popular area for students. The best thing about Osbourne is that you are closer to downtown, giving you the best of both worlds. Taking a bus from Osbourne down Pembina will get you to the University in no time. Osbourne Village is a young demographic with a laid-back feel to it. There are several coffee shops, restaurants and other shops within walking distance of most housing. Osbourne Village is one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Winnipeg for all ages, not just students.

Corydon area deserves an honourable mention. It is similar to Osbourne, as it has a central strip of restaurants, coffee shops and more, and affordable housing near and around the area. Taking a bus gets you to the University in a concise amount of time.

Housing Near The University of Winnipeg

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University of Winnipeg housing is tricky because it sits right in the heart of Winnipeg. Being right downtown, safety concerns become an issue for some. Several areas around the University are considered unsafe by many. If you use common sense, even Winnipeg’s “worst” areas aren’t that bad. On the plus side, rent is a bit more affordable around the University.

Wolseley Neighbourhood

Wolseley is a lovely area whether you’re a student or not. Over the years, it has attracted the younger demographic. It is very close to downtown and the University, it’s safe and has beautiful character homes with lush trees lining the streets. It has become one of Winnipeg’s top areas to live in. Housing is more expensive here, but numerous places are available for rent, making it ideal for students.

Another honourable mention for the University of Winnipeg is Osbourne Village. It is pretty close to the University. See above for details about Osbourne.

West down portage in the St James neighbourhood is another option. With the University of Winnipeg being right downtown, many bus routes head there. With Portage Ave and Main St going west to east and north to south, respectively, you’re always close to a major bus route. With the size of Winnipeg, you are always close to downtown.

Rentals For Winnipeg Students

Students can find apartment and room rentals all over the city. Often with rental services, students can find accommodation with other students, which may make a new life in Winnipeg much easier. Two good resources for rentals are and

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