It would be best if you had a checklist for any trip, no matter how little or big it is. Relocating to a new location like Winnipeg requires a checklist, too – you must ensure essential items are taken care of. This article explains important things to have before starting your process to Winnipeg.

Are you getting ready for Winnipeg?

Let us help you choose the right items.

You do not want to leave anything behind while going into Winnipeg, especially essential things. These items are categorized into sections for you to make things easy for you.

checkNecessary Documents

Whether travelling from another province to Winnipeg or from another country, you need some important documents to be in check. They include:

1. Passport: You should check your passport and its expiry details before starting your journey. If you are coming from another country, the embassy officials will not support your departure away from the country. However, if you can find a way through them, get ready to deal with the officials at the Canadian embassy.
Despite being one of the most visited countries in the world, the officials are detailed as they ensure you are in the country on a legal basis – this involves your documents being accurate and up-to-date.

2. Travel Insurance: if you are coming to Winnipeg for a holiday, you should check your travel insurance. The truth about life is that some issues can be beyond us. There are different reasons one may need travel insurance while going to Winnipeg:

a. Trip cancellation
b. Medical emergencies
c. Emergency evacuation
d. Assistance services
e. Affordable coverage

Travel insurance helps to refund your hard-earned money when these possible unfortunate situations arise.

3. Proof of Insurance: You should have proof of insurance that covers your medicals, civil liability, and luggage. It helps to avoid unnecessary delays at the airport.

4. Cash: Since you are going to Canada, it is appropriate that you go into the country with some Canadian dollars. You will need cash from your arrival in the country to settle down. You may need to get one or two items upon landing – maybe a snack or even paying for a charge at the airport.

You need to pay for your taxi to move to your reserved location. Also, you may need to pay to get some essentials into your new space – there will always be a need for some Canadian Dollars. Get some before travel, as exchanging your previous currency may take a little longer.

5. Credit or Debit Card: Even if you are going with enough Canadian dollars, it is only proper that you hold either your credit or debit card while travelling. You could need more funds than you planned or even need to make an online payment. Not having either of this two can get you stranded in your new adventure.

6. Plane tickets: You should hold your plane tickets close. If you are on a round trip, you need them more. There might be a reason to present them to an official at any level.

7. Hotel booking reservations: this document may not apply to everyone. However, you need your booking reservations if you are in Canada on a tour or family trip. Although there is always an extra copy with your hotel receptionist, it is only better if you have your evidence with you to prevent unnecessary delay.

8. Mobile contact of a loved one: you need the details of a loved one – it could be a friend or a family. You can get their addresses before leaving your previous location to avoid being stranded.

The internet allows you to search for your destination via the map. Nevertheless, you may be unable to connect to the internet in places with no free Wi-Fi. If you come into the country, your phone may die due to the long trips.

Your saviour in these situations may be to reach them using other means, like using a phone booth to call them or showing a resident the address to get a description of the house.

checkProper Clothing

Clothing is an essential part of a trip. Travelling with as many clothes as possible is advisable rather than buying them when you get to Winnipeg. You can add the following item to your clothing list:

  1. Coat: you need a heavy coat if you travel to Winnipeg in winter. The cold can be extreme, and no doubt, you need a coat to survive this unpleasant weather condition.
  2. Underwear
  3. Warm clothing like pants, jeans, and sweatshirt
  4. Raincoat
  5. Socks
  6. Shoes or sandals
  7. Scarf
  8. Pajamas


Just like you need the necessary documents, you should get some toiletries before you are ready to travel. Of course, you can walk into a supermarket in your new location to get these items. However, you may have some of them during your trip, or some may be more expensive in Winnipeg than where you are coming from. Here is another category of checklist you should consider:

  1. Soap: you can include shampoo in this. If you are on a long trip or have a particular brand of soap you prefer, then you should travel with them. If you pay enough attention to your hair, you should go ahead with your shampoo too.
  2. Toothbrush and toothpaste: you need this pair for a long journey. Hence, travelling with a toothbrush and toothpaste is usually not negotiable.
  3. Deodorant: smelling good is a significant part of hygiene.
  4. Women’s sanitary napkins: sanitary napkins are good collections to carry while travelling. Tampons are a great option.
  5. Makeup kit: travel with your makeup kit. You may not be able to get a new one immediately after you arrive in Winnipeg. More so, they can be more expensive in Winnipeg.
  6. Hairbrush or comb
  7. Nail clipper or nail file
  8. Tweezers
  9. Insect repellent
  10. Hand sanitizer

You should also create your first-aid kit while going. You can include some motion sickness medication, disinfectant, and a thermometer. You may need to write out or print this content to tick every item you have gotten. Finally, you can add to this list based on your discretion.


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