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Moving from India to Winnipeg can seem daunting for several immigrants. The issue many individuals have complained about is the differences in society and culture of both countries. Hence, knowing about Winnipeg and having the right expectations about the new life becomes important.

Knowing about Canada helps you to settle quickly; the more informed you are, the easier it is to move into Winnipeg. This content explains the top things you should keep at heart when moving from India to Winnipeg.

Canada Is A Friendly Country

Canada is known to be a welcoming location to several immigrants worldwide. The Canadian government actively seeks immigrants ready to call the country their new home. By 2024, the goal is to have more than 1.2 million newcomers settle in Canada.

Similarly, there are several immigration and visa programs to help several immigrants into Canada. The most typical choices include:

a. Express Entry System
b. Immigration Pilots
c. Provincial Nominee Programs
d. Student Visa Programs
e. Family Sponsorship Programs

You can examine our other content on these immigration plans to know how to navigate around them.


India is known to be an ancient territory for civilization. The country is known to be rich in heritage and culture. Since its independence, they have recorded tangible socio-economic progress. The country is one of the leading agricultural countries and has developed into an industrialized nation.

India is the seventh largest country in the world. Marked by the sea and mountains, the country stands tall among other countries in Asia. The Indian Ocean bounds it in the South, the Great Himalayas by the North, the Arabian Sea in the West, and the Bay of Bengal in the East.

Weather condition

India is known to experience four seasons, classified differently than your typical four seasons. They are:

  1. Summer (March to June)
  2. South-west monsoon season (June to September)
  3. Post Monsoon season (October to November)
  4. Winter (December to February)

Generally, the country’s climate is regarded as a tropical monsoon one. This is categorized by dry winters and high temperatures.

Population and Growth Rate

India is known to be one of the most populous countries in the world. Hence, it is no surprise that the country has a total population of 1,210,193,422 individuals as of March 1, 2011. The ratio is 623.7 million males to 586.4 females.

In 2009, the birth rate is estimated to be 18.3, while the death rate was around 7.3. Averagely, the annual growth rate was calculated to be 1.64 percent between 2001 to 2011.

Ethnic Groups and Religion

As a significant component of a country, India has its ethnic groups. Majorly there are five primary types in the country. They include:

a. Australoid
b. Europoid
c. Mongoloid
d. Negroid
e. Caucasian

Similarly, the common religions in India are Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. The rest of the people are Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists.

Comparison between India and Winnipeg

There are a few similarities between both locations. However, their differences are as clear as a bright day. For example, Bangalore is ranked as the best city to live in. However, Winnipeg is a more expensive option as compared to it.

Winnipeg is 70% more expensive than Bangalore. Just the after-tax from salary is enough to cater for expenses in Bangalore for three months.

Canada and Winnipeg are known for their high money purchasing power. The estimated salary one can earn in Bangalore is $1000, while it is $3293 in Winnipeg. As a result, people living in Winnipeg are not bothered about their more expensive cost of living.

Moving from India to Winnipeg can be described as a search for a better life. You can expect good pay, quality education, standardized healthcare, and lots more.

Why Should an Individual Move to Winnipeg from India?

Now to the important question, why Canada?

Publicly funded healthcare

In Winnipeg and Canada, permanent residents have access to their health care benefits. However, every level of medical care does not come for free. You will have to pay for some medical services. Examples of such include paying for elective procedures or prescription medication. Although, you may not have to pay to visit the emergency room or see a family doctor.

The only way to offset these accrued costs is to get private health insurance. It can come as an employee benefits program for workers. We have content on the healthcare system in Winnipeg – it is a detailed work that will answer possible questions on the topic.

Career Continuity in Canada

A major fear that may bring reluctance to people considering moving to Canada is how to continue their careers. It is possible that companies in Winnipeg do not recognize your career. You can conduct a little research to know how generally accepted your profession is in Canada.

Also, some professions are categorized as regulated professions. A regulated profession is controlled and monitored by territorial and provincial regulatory bodies. The most typical examples are nursing or plumbing. You will need a license, certificate, or evidence of registration to practice.

Hence, researching your work to know if you can practice it in Canada or otherwise helps save time, energy, and money. If your career is regulated or not supported, you can adjust your career to a readily acceptable profession.

Job opportunity is a common way people come to Canada. Hence, ensure you carry out the necessary job search before you come to Canada.

The Difference In The Cost of Living

A major consideration before travelling to Canada is to be sure about the cost of living. There are certain cities people love to move into in Canada. The big names are Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, and Calgary. These places have a high cost of living, including increased housing prices and high rent, food, and insurance.

Some people prefer to rent properties. There are several rental services new immigrants can employ. However, you can also get ready to transition and settle into this new life.

Below is a significant comparison of the cost of living in both India and Canada:

Beer in a pub$2.17$6.00
Fast food meal$3.98$8.34
1 Bedroom rent$204$721
3 Bedroom rent$540$1147
Utilities one person$22.60$112
Utilities family$34.60$172
Local transport ticket$0.62$2.39
Petrol or gas$1.02$1.80

Finally, know that the center of India is 10:30 hours ahead of Winnipeg. However, the country experiences different time zones.

What will you love about Winnipeg as an Indian immigrant?

It is essential to say that winter in India differs from in Winnipeg. The weather condition could be extreme in Winnipeg. Minus the harsh weather condition, you will love every other thing about Winnipeg.

Winnipeg is desirable for newcomers because of the friendliness of the residents. Unlike bigger cities where people mind their business, you can easily walk up to another resident in Winnipeg and seek help. Little wonder, there are a lot of immigrant communities in the country.

Also another thing to love about Winnipeg is its diverse festivals across the year. You would love the open-air market festival or street trade fairs to celebrate different performing arts. Since there are different cultures, people, and languages in Winnipeg, so there are many entertaining activities too.

Thanks to the city’s large First Nations community where different talented performers come to exhibit their skills. You can rest assured that there is never a dull moment all year.

Since you want to move to Canada, Winnipeg remains the best destination among other cities because of its affordable lifestyle and accessible school.

You can expect a minor inconvenience on the road during winter. Also, winters tire will see you through winter. Hence, you should get a reliable vehicle.

To mention but a few, you would know most things about Winnipeg as an Indian immigrant. All you need is to be well-informed before coming into the country. Finally, decide the kind of employment you seek. Winnipeg is a balance between a professional and productive economy. You can easily fit in without any hassle.


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